The time has come to increase your home’s power capacity exponentially. Florida Electric Partnership is here to provide the comprehensive electrical panel upgrades you need in Clearwater, FL. The steady increase in technological complexity means that older homes or offices can find themselves incapable of dealing with the power requirements of the modern era. You might not realize it, but this can lead to the potential of damaging the expensive electronics when the voltage is not high enough for them. Whether you are looking to increase the overall capacity of your home or you need to add a new room addition, rely on the company that has decades of experience in upgrading electrical systems.

Whether you need circuit breaker upgrades or a complete re-wiring of your home, we can boost the electrical capacity of your building while simultaneously protecting it from the dangers of a poorly wired system. There are several reasons to improve the electrical capacity of your home, so if you find any of the following to be true, call us today to schedule an inspection:

  • You Have Made Additions to Your Home
  • Your Home Has Multiple Two-Pronged Outlets
  • The Electrical Panel Frequently Overheats
  • Your Home Is Older with Outdated Wiring
  • You Use Several Extension Cords
  • Lights Flicker During Appliance Usage
  • Circuit Breakers Regularly Trip


New panels and breakers are about more than just avoiding the annoyance of them constantly tripping. Without a circuit breaker that can handle the load, electronics and appliances can easily overheat during even the slightest of spikes in voltage. This makes it especially important to ensure your breaker is up-to-date and equipped to handle the electrical requirements of modern devices and appliances. When you need your older equipment upgraded, we make sure that your home or office is protected against surges, electrical fires, and arching. The latest in circuit breaker, heavy up, and panel technology helps put a stop to these problems altogether.

If your panels have become worn down or overloaded, depend on our team of expert electricians to provide the work your home requires. We understand that sometimes this work is time sensitive. That is why we are happy to provide emergency services to ensure the job gets done when you need it most.

Contact us if you require more power for your electronics or appliances. We are proud to serve Clearwater, Largo, St. Petersburg, Oldsmar, and Seminole, Florida, and the surrounding area.