Get rid of odors, remove moisture, and inject fresh air into your home by allowing one of our certified electricians to provide your house with the best exhaust fan installation in Clearwater, FL. The expert technicians that we hire at Florida Electric Partnership are all highly experienced in installing vent fans or replacing them, increasing the ventilation of any room in your home or business. Regardless of whether you need a fan in your bathroom to keep odors and moisture under control or you want one for your kitchen to help keep the air fresh while you cook, we are the company to depend on for fast, quality service.


If your exhaust fan is making strange noises or simply not working any more, the time is right to get it replaced. If you lack a bathroom exhaust fan or any sort of ventilation system, we highly recommend you have a fan installed as soon as possible. Ventilation does more than just make the air more pleasant and the bathroom a little more private; it also protects your home from various types of damage. An exhaust fan in your bathroom functions by transferring outside air into the room to eliminate odors and, most importantly of all, reduce moisture. When a shower runs, moisture builds up on the walls, potentially causing damage to the drywall and even facilitating the growth of mold. With a well-installed exhaust fan, you can rapidly dry the water that is left over from a shower, protecting your walls and your lungs from harm.

Having a kitchen exhaust fan installed is just as important. Aside from the fact that smoke causes irritation to your lungs and eyes, it also causes damage to your ceiling and walls over time. This results in unpleasant odors that can be nearly impossible to get out. Having proper ventilation in your kitchen makes cooking far more pleasant and saves you time and money on repairs down the road. Do not hesitate to call us if your exhaust fan is broken or you don’t have one for the installation and repair you need.

With decades of experience in the electrical industry, our company has all the training, tools, and quality materials required to flawlessly install an exhaust fan that will last for years. No matter what size fan you need, our experts in vent fan installation have the affordable solution you need.

Call us for the protection you need from fumes and moisture today. We are proud to serve Clearwater, Largo, St. Petersburg, Oldsmar, and Seminole, Florida, and the surrounding area.