Always have the refreshing, cooling breeze you want in every room in your home by coming to us for ceiling fan installation in Clearwater, FL. Florida Electric Partnership offers the ceiling fan services you need to reduce your energy consumption, cool down your home, and increase the aesthetic quality of any room. Ceiling fans not only increase air flow, but they also help your heating and cooling system work more efficiently by distributing air throughout the household.

Simply choose the ceiling fan you want that suits your style and a member of our team will handle all the rest. Fans come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, and colors, and they start at extremely affordable prices. This means that they not only add an easy way to cool down to your home, but they lend some charm as well. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a sleek, modern fan or a traditional one, we offer the ceiling fan wiring and installation you need.


Our company is especially proficient at wiring your home for various purposes, which is among the most difficult yet important parts of hanging a ceiling fan. Anyone can drill a hole to mount the fan, but it takes training and experience to wire the fan so that it actually works when you turn it on. More importantly, when working with wires, there is always the danger of electrocution occurring if you do not have the expertise needed to handle them. Allow our experts to take care of all the dangerous parts and offer you the ceiling fan repair you deserve. On top of that, we also provide the following services in regards to ceiling fans:

  • Ceiling Fan Assembly
  • Ceiling Fan Removal
  • Remote Control Installation
  • Wall Switch Wiring
  • Blade Balancing
  • Troubleshooting

Ceiling fans are as much for looks as they are for functionality. If you have a ceiling fan in your room that is an eyesore or simply does not fit with the new look you’re going for, then the time might be right to consider getting it replaced. The right fan adds a little style and grace to any room, accenting your existing style while functioning as a means of cooling down your space. The ceiling fan replacement that we offer is the most affordable way to give your living a space a little extra pizazz.

Contact us when you are ready to upgrade your space with a new ceiling fan. We are proud to serve Clearwater, Largo, St. Petersburg, Oldsmar, and Seminole, Florida, and the surrounding area.