Should You Buy a Stand-By Generator?

Should you invest in a stand-by generator for future use?

A stand-by generator is great to have if you live in an area where strong storms can knock out your power for days at a time. Unlike a portable generator, stand-by generators are permanently installed to your home. They must be placed on a cement pad and meet any requirements your city has concerning their installation.

How Does A Stand-By Generator Work?

A stand-by generator will sit idly by during times when the utilities are on and functional. If a storm hits and your power goes out, all you have to do is to hit a transfer switch to shut off the connection to the utilities and turn on the stand-by generator. Once your electricity is turned back on, the stand-by generator will turn off on its own. For as long as the generator is on, you will need to ensure that the external fuel source is maintained.

Are Stand-By Generators Allowed?

While many communities don’t have a problem with portable generators, stand-by generators must be carefully examined and installed to make sure they are in compliance with local building codes. Standby generators can be extremely loud and may exceed the decibel level allowed by your community. You will also have to make sure that the external fuel source can be safely placed within the required site requirements. Building codes in certain cities require that stand-by generators be placed 5-feet from the home and an additional 5-feet from anything that is flammable. Electrical contractors in Clearwater can help you determine if you have enough overall space.

Do You Have Enough Space for a Stand-By Generator?

Stand-by generators are very large and very heavy. This is why a cement pad must be installed prior to putting in the standby generator. These generators are large enough to provide power to your entire home, unlike a portable generator that only operates a few circuits at a time. It’s important that you take the proper measurements before you purchase the unit. It’s overall size, plus the amount of space required for its placement may cause a small problem.

Is a Stand-by Generator Worth the Cost?

Because standby generators are a permanent fixture for your home, they are generally much more expensive than any portable models you may have seen. They provide more power and are capable of providing electricity to your entire home. When you combine a generator, its external fuel source, and the cost of installation, you are looking at a sizable investment in your home. If you have a family member who requires medical equipment that operates through the use of electricity, a standby generator is well worth whatever the cost. In some cases, you are looking at close to $3000 plus the cost of installation.

Professional Installation Services

Stand-by generators are not for the do it yourself a homeowner. They must be professionally installed due to the size of the unit and the amount of power they can generate. In addition to having a cement pad put in place, the professional installing the generator must have both electrical as well as plumbing skills. After every 48 hours of constant use, it’s essential that the generator is serviced by a professional. Checking the unit often when it’s not being used is also important.

Contact Florida Electric Partnership for Stand-By Generator Installation Services

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