Electrical Safety Tips to Remember

Electrical safety tips are vital to remaining safe around electrical projects.

Almost everything in your home runs on electrical power. For all the good that it does, there are risks that can result in various types of damage, such as fire, burns, and in severe cases, even death. There are many electrical safety tips you can follow to keep your home and family safe. You are in control of your electrical appliances so make sure you are diligent in maintaining your home and all of the things that are powered by electricity.

Here are some basic electrical safety tips for you and your family to follow.

Don’t Overload Your Outlets

Don’t overload your electrical outlets. You should attempt to eliminate extension cords whenever possible and use surge protectors to keep your devices from being damaged by electrical surges. Using a surge protector will also allow you to turn the entire strip off if the items are not being used. As far as electrical safety tips go, this is one that should always be heeded.

Protect Your Electrical Cords

Another important electrical safety tip is to ensure your cords are not covered. Covering your cords with rugs can cause wear and tear that will eventually cause your cords to short out. Instead, run your cords along the baseboards or use a metal cover that will keep them from being stepped on. Metal cord covers can be purchased at most hardware stores.

Secure Your Electrical Cords

Instead of letting your electrical cords just lay around, secure them. Use zip ties to keep them bundled together and out of the way of furniture legs or entertainment stands. You can also use tape to color-code them so that you know what cord goes to each device.

Replace Damaged Cords As Needed

Over time, cords can begin to wear, especially if they are wedged between two surfaces. Check your cords for damaged areas and replace them as needed. If you are unsure of how to replace a cord, don’t take chances. Take your device to a repair shop and have the cord repaired by a professional.

Unplug Devices You Don’t Use

When you leave on vacation or are not using a particular device, unplug it. If you use a surge protector or strip, simply turn off the switch to cut power to your devices. Unplugging your devices will not only save electricity, but it also prevents fires and other types of damage if something should happen to the cord.

Keep Plugs and Wires Away From Water

It’s a well-known fact that water and electricity don’t mix. Keep all of your electrical devices and their cords away from water and water sources. Always make sure to unplug and remove any devices that are used in the bathroom or kitchen areas to prevent an accidental shock. Although this is one of the most common electrical safety tips, it is often the most overlooked.

Hire an Electrician in Clearwater to Properly Install New Appliances and Lights

For all of your lighting installation and ceiling fan installation needs, call a professional. They can turn off the power to the entire room and have your lights or ceiling fan installed in no time at all. If you are unsure of what you are doing on your own, one of the best electrical safety tips to follow is to work with a professional to do the job right.

Contact Florida Electric Partnership for More Electrical Safety Tips

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